Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving from 1 SVN Repository to another

To move from 1 SVN repository to another on Windows, perform the following.

For the purposes of this task, I am going to be assuming that you are on the same server as the SVN Repository AND you are using VisualSVN as your SVN Repository server.

Step 1
Power up SVN Repository server.

Step 2
Start up the command prompt from it.

Step 3
Type "svnadmin dump -r [revision_num] [SVN_From_repository] > [SVN_dump_file_name]"

Step 4
Head to to get UnxUtils

Step 5
Unzip the zipped file

Step 6
Head back to the command prompt in Step 2

Step 7
Type "cat [SVN_dump_file_name] | svndumpfilter include [folders_to_include] > [NEW_SVN_dump_file_name]"
I would keep the path of the SVN dump file and the NEW SVN dump file in the same folder

Step 8
Type "svnadmin load [SVN_To_repository] < [NEW_SVN_dump_file_name]

And you're done.

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